Why We Should Celebrate Juneteenth

Juneteenth, a holiday on the 19th of June, celebrates the end of slavery and the newfound freedom. It’s mainly observed in the United States and not very well known among races outside of African Americans. Also known as Freedom day and Emancipation day, it honors the day that Major General Gordon Granger, who was part of the Union, announced to Texas the abolishment of slavery. This holiday is celebrated all over the country through parades and events. Juneteenth is significantly recognized in the Black/African American community and is even celebrated instead of the Fourth of July in some communities due to the belief that they are very similar holidays, just focused on different views of U.S. freedom.  In Phoenix, there was a Juneteenth event in Eastlake park. Many black entrepreneurs and businesses were present, which was nice since you don’t find that a lot in Phoenix, Arizona. Many people of all races were shopping, eating, and enjoying the atmosphere. My cousin was there with his food truck serving delicious BBQ that was selling out fast and right next door was desserts by two really sweet ladies. It was really great to see all of the unity and enjoyment from the attendees and to celebrate this day with people who feel for it as much as I do. I hope to bring more recognition to this hardly recognized, yet very important, historical holiday that has been around for many years and will be around for many more.





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