Joyous Night

On May 25th, I finally saw Vance Joy live and it truly was a joyous night (pun intended). I have been a massive fan of his since 2013, aka when he first released his album titled God Loves You When You’re Dancing. His music fits under the indie folk genre and he’s the main reason I fell in love with indie musicians. That album contained the song Riptide which was soon playing on the radio non-stop. I mean, Riptide currently has 618,249,300 listens on Spotify so you can tell it was a very popular song. Usually, I always get anxious when attending events with large crowds of people, however, this was different. The concert was filled with a large variety of people: kids, teens, adults, and elders. Everyone was excited to hear him live, and let me tell you he did not disappoint. He was telling the audience jokes and stories to explain the songs he wrote on his newest album. Hands down, This concert was the best concert I’ve been to since Adele. If you’ve never listened to Vance Joy, I totally recommend checking out his music!

Featured Image: Julia Danielska (myself)


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