What is a loss?


Is it a friend you lose as distance crept into the relationship?

Is it the boy you love who up and leaves?

Is it your grandparents leaving you without a warning?


A loss is a loss

A friend

A significant other

A family member


And even

A house



It is 4 am

And instead of sleeping

You are looking for passports


Because instead of waking up

To the pounding of an alarm

You woke up to the pounding of the cops


1 minute

You have 1 minute to leave this house

You have 1 minute to leave this home


The flames

They are coming


And they are showing no mercy

They are burning anything in their path


And while you want to surrender

And tell the flames that they win


That losing a home

Is just as bad as any other loss


The flames did not come to listen


It is 7 am

And you are calling your daughter


With tears from defeat

For the flames have won


And all she can do is



Listen to the tears of a man

Who has been burnt out


Because not only did the flames

Take away a house, but a home


A home with memories

That took hard work to be able to happen

When your loved ones are 700 miles away



What is a loss?


It is a person

It is a tangible item

It is memories


It requires recovery



It is unfair and brutal

And it will beat you to the bones

Until you are so fragile

All you can do is break


So remember

A loss is a loss


For everyone breaks

Whether you lose

A friend

A significant other

A family member


Or a home


~Tubbs Fire, 2017~


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