How To Be A LGBT+ Ally

It’s 2018, not being homophobic no longer deserves a gold star. It’s time for the people who identify as straight (myself included) to step up and help in the LGBT+ communities fight for equal rights. If you’re interested in being a better ally (which you should be) read on

To start with one of the most important and obvious thing is that you try to stand up against bullying and discrimination towards people in the LGBT+ community face daily, in being straight we have a privilege that many just do not have therefore we need to use it to make our LGBT+ friends, family and every member has a safe, happy lifestyle.

We also need to listen and happy to listen, as someone who identifies as straight, I do not have the same discrimination a LGBT+ person this means I have never experienced the vile homophobia LGBT+ people have therefore I need to learn and try to understand the problems LGBT+ people face without passing them off as unimportant or lesser than my own

It’s vital that we are totally inclusive, invite you LGBT+ friends to do activities with your friends and family, if you have friends and family that are homophobic stop using it as an excuse to not invite LGBT+ people and start using it as a reason to make new friends or try to help them form new, intelligent opinions. Make sure to tell people who use accidental or purposeful homophobic language how wrong it is

To conclude, we must use our privilege for power and stand with all LGBT+ members in the face of discrimination, you can also try to find out more about LGBT+ charities and donate or volunteer your time!


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