Compare and Contrast

All people do with writing is compare love to beauty or sadness to disaster. Why can’t we include contrasting feelings with objects or moments? Why is it so uncommon to be the one to write about “comparing” someone or feelings for someone to something that it actually isn’t? Why don’t we write about not only what is, but also what isn’t? I can tell you that you are not the heat of the flame’s tip, but the burning of the base. I can tell you that the way I feel about you is new, unlike the past of all individuals, unlike the history of this world. You are not the war and the violence found within the textbooks we read in school. In fact, you are peaceful, beautiful, like the fields of flowers from all over this place in which we live. Our lives are not meant for others, they are, though, meant to be lived to the fullest. We are not meant to throw our lives away stressing over jobs and politics. We are meant to love hard and laugh loud. We are meant to waste small moments and live in bigger ones. We are not meant to only compare, because not only is everything similar to something else, but it all has its own opposite.



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