Cambridge- A City of Aspiration

This month, I was lucky enough to visit the City of Cambridge with my school. As well as being home to the 31 colleges of Cambridge University, one of the most renowned and prestigious universities in the world, the town is steeped in centuries of rich history and famous figures, from Stephen Hawking to Lord Byron. If you are lucky enough to join the tourists, or even the students, below are my recommendations for the best things to do, as well as some of my photos where I tried to capture the city’s stunning, ancient architecture.

Go on a guided tour- For a town with so much history, much of it is tricky to spot. Every other wall likely housed a scientific discovery of huge importance in the past. The only way to truly discover Cambridge’s hidden secrets is to invest in a town tour. For example, this golden clock on the main street is actually an art installation, designed to hardly ever read the correct time- in order to remind us of our impending deaths. Cheerful. But hey, it’s British history- for anyone taking a tour who lives outside of Britain, I’d say prepare yourself, our history can be pretty wild!

The cheerful death clock

Be an early bird- My favourite memory of the trip was waking up too early and deciding to head out with some friends for a walk. Strolling by the silent river as the sun rose, surrounded by towering chapels and rolling green spaces gave us all a sense of peace and space to stop and breathe in the hectic two days. Also, for any other photographers, its the perfect time to snap some photos minus the crowds of tourists. If you’re lucky enough to head out on a warm summers day, the early morning is the best time for it.

Early mornings by the riverside
Quiet punting boats

Visit the colleges- Of course, as well as punting down the river, touring the colleges is the main attraction for Cambridge tourists. This doesn’t mean that it’s overrated, however- standing in the grounds of such genius can increase your IQ by up to 20 points (citation needed). Beautiful architecture is another attraction of the colleges- in the main tourist colleges, King’s and Trinity, the great Gothic chapels and towering libraries never seem to end. I would recommend visiting King’s College Chapel for the whole classic Cambridge experience. But be wary where you walk- the vast majority of grass inside the colleges is forbidden ground except for Cambridge Professors!

The twilight interior of King’s College Chapel
King’s College Chapel
King’s Gatehouse and Chapel
King’s Gatehouse
Inside King’s!
The walls of King’s College Chapel
Down by the river!


King’s College, feat. some Forbidden Grass
The intricate ceiling of King’s College Chapel
St Johns College Gatehouse


Punters on the river


Goodbye King’s!

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