How Stormy Daniels Is Trumping The White House

It is in recent times that the GOP’s greatest opponent is no longer rival nations, and harsh leaders, but one woman who stands up to fight Trump and is clearly winning. Stephanie Clifford, an adult film star known by the name “Stormy Daniels”, has stated that she had an affair with President Trump, and was paid to keep quiet by Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. The story with a plethora of twists and turns has lead to our society being turned into a satire, where the president’s biggest fear is now a woman who spanked him with a magazine.

Daniels has said that she came out with her story not to play the victim, but to be able to defend herself in a tale where Donald Trump yet again, plays the victim. His resolve can be seen over many tweets regarding Daniels, even going as far as to say the police sketch of the man who threatened her and her child to not release the story about her and Trump, was of a “non-existent man” and a “total con job”. Trump’s irresponsibility and immaturity can be seen by reactions to the scandal as details continue to be released to the public.

What has resulted from the scandal of Daniels and Trump is public backlash against the both of them, the endless political commentary, as well as the raid of Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who paid Daniels $130,000. Michael Cohen had his office searched by the FBI on April 9th, 2018, to investigate the details of Mr. Cohens Payments to Clifford. The public awaits the result of this search and will sit anxiously awaiting new details on this story until we can finally learn what transpired between the two.


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