How #DenimDay Has Taken Los Angeles By Storm

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  1. In April of 1999, the Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction because the victim was wearing skinny jeans. The justices came to the conclusion that she must have helped get the jeans off, thus implying consent.Women in the Italian Parliament started the movement the following day by wearing jeans in support of the victim. This quickly spread to the United States – more specifically Los Angeles, California. Denim Day has continued ever since.

    The 25th of April is the day where everyone breaks out their pair of skinny jeans or bell bottoms and wears it to work or school, or just out on the town. People have gone from decorating jeans to having full-on parades in solidarity of the victim.

    Denim Day falls in the same category as the #MeToo movement, which has caused a lot of uproar online recently. However, Denim Day is not as widely known. Let’s change that! Spread the word and support all victims of sexual assault by wearing jeans on April 25th. You can even take it a step further by posting about it on social media or peacefully protesting with some friends.

    So, will you be participating in Denim Day?


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