Greta Van Fleet: A Miracle Band For Rock Music

Jerry Michael Jones

So, you like rock music. You like the classics, such as Black Sabbath or Pink Floyd. But since those bands are older and you want some new and fresh rock music, you can’t find any bands that will give you what you want. But have you heard of the band, Greta Van Fleet? They give you a taste that is just as good as any classic rock band, and they are giving you exactly what you want.

Greta Van Fleet consists of four members; three brothers and one close friend. The three brothers are Josh, Jake, and Sam Kiszka, and the friend is Danny Wagner. These boys are young, in their early 20s, and they’re making a huge name for themselves. They have a 70’s rock style, and they are often compared to sounding like Led Zeppelin. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but they’re making their own style, even if they wish to be the Led Zeppelin for Generation Z, according to Uproxx. Maybe they get a lot of criticism for sounding like them, and that’s understandable, but I believe there is no need to compare the two.

They formed in 2012, released their first EP Black Smoke Rising in 2017, and then released their double EP From the Fires later that year. The diversity of the songs are clear, and no matter what feeling the song has, they’re all catchy and songs you can headbang to. “Flower Power” has a hippie kind of feeling and is a bit soft, while “Safari Song” is more mysterious and rough. “Highway Tune,” their first song ever written, hit charts and gave popularity to the band, and this was their awakening. Now, in 2018, they’ve made it to Coachella, sold out numerous shows, went on a few tours, and are being played on radio stations daily. Despite their criticism and constant comparisons to Led Zeppelin, they seem to have a very good reputation, and they’re very successful.

A lot of music critics talk about how rock is dead, and Greta Van Fleet is the revival band of rock music. I personally agree with this, and the band is a light in the dark. They have blues-and-soul influences, said by The Rolling Stone, and this is why a lot of people claim they have an older sound. They also used to do covers by Cream, which added practice to the older sound, and Josh’s high-pitched voice came by accident, and compare it to Robert Plant’s voice. All of these little quirks make up the band, and it’s what makes them noticeable.

I foresee this band changing the music industry. Not just in the rock genre, but altogether. When you find a band such as this, and you have a group of guys like these, you get genius and pure musical talent combined. I was shocked when I first heard their song “Black Smoke Rising.” I remember telling my mom, “Holy shit, these guys are amazing and I’ve never heard something like this,” and she agreed with me as I showed her a sample of the song. These guys are going places, and I urge you to support them on their journey to success and to support them by buying their albums, streaming their songs, and going to shows. They deserve so much, and I hope they get so much.

Listen to their single “Highway Tune,” or stream their double EP.


Written by Elizabeth Poe

Elizabeth Poe is a 14-year-old girl who is passionate about reading, music, journalism, photography, and anything about comics or movies. You can find her actively participating at school clubs, hanging out at home with friends or family, or pursuing her interests.

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