Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

We all know that social media can be both wonderful and terrible, at the same time. One of the social media platforms that can be the worst for mental health and self confidence is Instagram, but I believe that if you follow the right accounts, you can make your feed a lot better. And I believe that one of the best ways to do that is by following lots of body positive accounts. Especially as we are moving into spring and summer, and people might feel like they have to have a “beach body”. So, here are a list of some accounts that I find really helpful and inspiring, in the hope that you might find them helpful and inspiring too.

  • Megan Jayne Crabbe – @bodyposipanda

Megan is an absolute ray of sunshine. She spent most of her life feeling ashamed of her body, but once she realised that she did not need to be stick thin to be beautiful, she decided to spread the message. Through gorgeous photoshoots, different quotes, drawings, and videos, she inspires her followers to love who they really are, inside and out. She’s got a lot of recognition for her series “Don’t Hate The Shake”, where she dances around happily in her room, allowing her body to shake about as much as it pleases. She’s also written a book, Body Positive Power, which I haven’t read yet, but I’m sure is also fabulous. She’s just wonderful!

  • Eff Your Beauty Standards – @effyourbeautystandards

EYBS is an account run by a collection of body positive models and activists, led by Tess Holliday. Through different photos and videos of themselves and others, they work to inspire others to enjoy whatever shape they’re in, and to feel confident, no matter what anyone’s beauty standards are (hence the amazing account name). What’s great is that they’re so diverse, proving that beauty is never for just one skin colour, it’s for everyone!

  • Libby – @libbyshappyproject

Libby is only 17 years old, but she is an amazing artist. Her drawings celebrate bodies of different shapes, sizes, and colours, and she includes details that the media can convince women to be ashamed of – stretch marks, body hair, wobbly bits of skin, rolls, etc. The characters in her drawings are always so happy and are not afraid to show off their bodies, and her art style is just gorgeous. It’s always a pleasure to see her posts come up on my feed.

  • Mama Cāx – @mamacaxx

Mama Cāx was told at 14 that she had cancer and was only given a few weeks to survive – however she survived a lot longer than that, and she is now a blogger, activist, and an ambassador for a company that makes covers for prosthetic limbs. She’s no longer ashamed of her body, and her story and message just inspires me so much. A great quote from her is “if you’re beautiful enough to be at the beach and to be yourself and be comfortable, then do that.”

  • Kelvin Davis – @notoriouslydapper

Kelvin is out here proving that the Bopo movement is for any gender! Men are typically told not to be emotional or have feelings, they’re supposed to just accept themselves, no matter what. But men dislike their bodies too, they can be self conscious too, and Kelvin knows that. In one of his posts, he explains that he used to be self conscious of his legs and so used to wear trousers to the beach instead of shorts, but now he’s realised that he’s amazing no matter what. Here’s to helping men be confident too!

I hope that if you follow any of these accounts, that they help you like they help me, and that you will all become comfortable in your own bodies too. And by the way, in order to get a beach body, you have your body, and you go to the beach. There you have it, a beach body! The body positivity is so important, and I think everyone should support it.


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