Lotus Woman

You are enough

and you are more.

You are more

than the money that you cannot spend

and the things that you cannot afford.

The clothes and masks sold in stores

do not seek out to make you feel beautiful.

They want to disguise you

and cover you up.

They sell make-up designed to cover your scars

and the color of your skin.

Companies are funded by drawing your attention

away from the beauty that can be found within.

Businesses only seek out to draw your attention

away from your inner self;

as if confidence was something that you could buy on a shelf.

Resilient woman,

Combating stereotypes and expectations

just by breathing,

just by thinking for yourself.

Breaking rules just by succeeding.

Flourishing from mud.

Blooming out of darkness.

Unaffected by lost blood.

Female warrior,

The story here is for you.

Acknowledge the identity that lives inside of you.

Embrace the bitch.

Embrace the limitless power

that you have inside of your mind

and through your fingertips.

Your feminine energy

and magic exists

through all things.

Feel it around you.

Find it within yourself.


Become tall and fruitful.

Do not be afraid to let go.

Do not be afraid to take up space.

Be distracting.

Be seen,



Let life mirror your own feminine bliss.

© Siera Carpenter

Featured Photo Art by Siera Carpenter


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