Change for the Better

At age ten, I was as happy as could be.
I was never frowning and was often labeled as “optimistic for my age”.
At age twelve, I began to notice change in myself.
My physical appearance was not the only thing to make me feel uneasy.
At age fourteen, I hated who I had become.
I no longer wanted the body I was in.
I no longer wanted to continue, with anything.
At age fifteen, I ate less.. And less and less as each day went on.
I counted my calories obsessively in hopes to get slimmer.
I did everything that I believed would benefit my health.
At age sixteen, I decided enough was enough.
Away with the calorie counting.
Away with the negative self doubt and the unnecessary comments about
my worth.
Away with the sorrow, and soon I became accustomed to the happiness.
I emptied my soul of years full of self-hate and continued to find joy in every
movement of my body.
I spoonfed myself peace, zen, and courage to last each and every day up
until the day I felt it in my bones: self-love.


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