Why Guns Are NOT Necessary

Featured photo taken from CNN showing Tyra Heman, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, protests in front of the school where seventeen people were killed on February 14, 2018.

Weaving different events with similar qualities and outcomes. A disastrous thing will occur, to which we say that we will get better and that this will never happen again. But this ‘promise’ never endures. Owning a gun has always caused violence and if anything is going to change, they need to go.

Columbine, Sandy Hook, and now Parkland. These are just some of the school shootings that have occurred throughout history. Personally, I want to meet the people who constantly deny the banning of guns in America. In an ideal world, everyone would be dying of old age instead of having to look down the barrel of a gun. Moreover, these sorts of terrible incidents are the things that send the media into a frenzy. Allowing them to reaffirm stereotypes that are now used as media shortcuts for the public. Now, when someone hears about a school shooter, their mind could consider that maybe they played too many video games. Or maybe they totally had mental health issues that drove them to do what they did. Why have these excuses become the thing that the media uses to justify a shooter. Also, there is a statistic in the U.K. that says, 1 in every 4 people will have some form of mental health. But why isn’t 1 in every 4 people going into schools with weapons and coming out with multiple victims?

Human beings can be disgusting within their thoughts, even more in the vile things they spew. Why would you mock a victim of gun violence? Someone who’s life has been completely destroyed in a blink of an eye. So many people don’t realise how life ruining these events are. Will the state and federal courts only care about the banning of guns when one of their children are lost to the bullet of an armed person within the facility that they should feel safe within? Do they realise that in the aftermath, so many people have been effected. Even if they don’t have a direct link to it all. People need to show a little respect and gain some compassion. It’s almost like people have forgotten what that means.

You know, there is this magical concept known as not owning a gun, not having the right to legally own one, and this doesn’t destroy your individual freedom because being individual or free doesn’t depend on whether you have a semi-automatic firearm on your possession. What about the ‘individual freedom’ of the people that have lost their lives? The NRA leader, Wayne LaPierre issued his first response to the Parkland shootings a couple of hours ago and honestly, I wonder if he knows how stupid he sounds. This is perfect example of the worst opinion to have. We let these people enter high power jobs who then get a major say into how a country is run, but when the masses try and protest for actual change, they find themselves stuck by the idiots that have been put in charge. LaPierre claims that gun reformers hate individual freedom. He talks about how they want to abolish the second amendment, to have the right to bear arms. But in this much more modern time, is it really necessary to bear arms? Especially when mass shootings in schools could never occur if the shooter did not in fact have a gun on his possession. Really, it seems like this gun thing is the real source of the problem. The security that should be put into place before anyone can buy a gun is seriously lacking. Why can a twenty year old go into a store and buy a gun with an expired license? Why do we let ourselves continuously put these sorts of people in office? Furthermore, how was putting Donald Trump into such a high position, ever a good idea? I understand that he targeted people who share the same, distasteful opinion, but to the people who voted for him, simply because they didn’t want Hilary Clinton to go into office? How was that choice looking out for you?

There is absolutely no retribution given to the people who have lost their lives through gun violence or school shootings if we continue watching the circle go around of saying that we will make sure things change but never quite getting there. No one has the right to choose who lives or dies.


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