Where Is Our Much Needed Gun Control?

Parkland, Florida. St. Johns, Michigan. Italy, Texas. Benton, Kentucky. These are only 5 of 18 school shootings this year, according to the New York Daily News. Parkland became one of the most major school shootings this year when Parkland, before yesterday, was named one of the friendliest and wealthiest schools in America. What happened? What went wrong? Why was the shooter in possession of an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle? Parkland had 17 people killed, 14 people injured, and the shooter known as Nikolas Cruz posted on YouTube that he was going to become a “professional school shooter.” This is the result of the lack of gun control, and this is another reason for at least 1,607 mass shootings. Almost two thousand shootings since Sandy Hook in 2012, and nothing major has been done about it. Why is this not stopped? Where is the gun control we need?

Gun control is a very controversial topic, and with mass shootings happening more and more every day, small or big, gun control will always be brought up. Liberals and conservatives both have their views about it, and it’s either we need gun control or we don’t need gun control. Common arguments are that gun control is automatically wanting to ban guns forever, or that we need guns for defense. Personally, I think guns should only be allowed if you have a really good reason to have one. If you are a responsible gun owner, a wildlife hunter, a government official, or you have a job/hobby that has a gun involved along with having responsibility, sure, own a gun! Other than that, guns are not a toy so they’re no good to me. But aside from what I think, to be very clear, no matter what side you’re on, how many more school shootings are we going to have until politicians realize that it’s not a mentally ill person causing these shootings, it’s the gun?

Anyone could be a domestic terrorist and attack a school. They could have a knife, a machete, a bomb, any weapon you desire or even a weapon you create yourself. But when you use a gun to cause a shooting, the most common gun nowadays is an AR-15 gun, according to the National Rifle Association, and that gun has been used in numerous major shootings in the past years. AR-15 guns are customizable, adaptable, reliable, and accurate, and they are becoming America’s most popular semi-automatic assault rifle. The NRA also states that the AR-15 is the civilized version of an M-16 — a weapon used mostly in the military. Why is a civilized version of a gun used in the military, for trained soldiers who know how to use the gun properly, in the hands of criminals? More importantly, why is this gun able to be bought by anyone who is of age, anyone who has money, and anyone who meets the guidelines to be able to have a gun legally?

The AR-15 has been used in Newtown, Connecticut; San Bernadino, California; Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Sutherland Springs, Texas; and Aurora, Colorado; just to name a few. I could go on, but there would honestly be too many to list. Too many casualties and injuries have been caused by this one gun, and it’s terrifying. There is no reason why anyone should want to have this gun. It’s not cool, it’s not stylish, it’s scary. It’s a civilized version of a military gun. If that doesn’t speak measures, then I don’t know what will. In fact, an AR-15 is now easier than an average handgun to get in Florida, and that’s also scary. No gun so dangerous should be a common topic to talk about these days, along with mass shootings, and no gun so dangerous should be so easy to buy.

I will never forgive these shooters. They are terrorists, domestic terrorists, and that’s what we should be calling them. We shouldn’t be calling them mentally ill or people with a troubled past because that will never excuse their actions. I will never forget about the 8,395 lives wounded or killed because of these shootings. And I will never forgive Congress for letting a ban expire for AR-15s and other semiautomatic rifles from 1994 to 2004. And you, the reader, shouldn’t forgive these shooters either or forget about the countless victims or forgive Congress as well. Gun control may be controversial and a lot of people choose to ignore it because they have their personal opinions about it, but you should at least understand why people want it. And there’s plenty of proof about why we need it, regardless of peoples opinions.


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