Gun Control: Taking Action

It is easy to send thoughts and prayers. Policy and change is harder. It is very easy to feel helpless in these situations. It is easy to feel helpless when the majority of Americans can legally buy an AR-15 rifle before they can buy beer. It is easy to feel helpless when you have read the headline “Largest Mass Shooting In US History” three times in your lifetime. It is easy to feel helpless when well over one hundred gun control proposals have failed in the last five years. This is a deadly issue that will continue to happen and has continued to happen. Unless we take action.

Below I have listed a few ways to begin to take action. I highly recommend looking into gun control for yourself and getting involved within your own community.


Educating ourselves and others is essential to the movement. Spreading informative and factual articles regarding mass shootings and gun laws will create a discussion. In this day and age, we are very fortunate to have access to thousands of people through one post on social media. We need to use these platforms to encourage people to call their representatives and see the importance of safety.

Donate to gun safety organizations

Established organizations such as The Brady Campaign, Women Against Gun Violence, Everytown For Gun Safety, and many more, work hard to fight against gun violence. Many organizations work directly with lawmakers which is exactly what is needed to make a significant change.

Donate to the victims 

The National Compassion Fund allows you to give directly to crime victims. They currently are raising money for the victims of Parkland. They accept donations from $10 to $1,000 and every bit helps!

Call your representatives

Call the number 844-241-1141 and ask the operator to speak to which representative you would like to express your thoughts on gun control to. You can also text REJECT to 644-33 to speak to a representative. Do not be afraid to address your concerns in detail and explain the importance of gun control. 


If you can vote, register to vote and encourage others to do so too. Make gun safety a key factor in choosing your candidate for the November Midterms. By not voting you are part of the problem.


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