Predicting the 2018 Oscars

As a new year in film is opened, the chapter of a year past is closed, and studios anxiously await the nominations of the Academy Awards that crown the best features. When the disappointments of the past movies are overlooked, the competition of esteemed and encaptivating pictures are facing off head-to-head at the 2018 Oscars.

Dunkirk is a front-runner for “Best Picture,” through threats such as Lady BirdThe Shape of Water, and The Post are daunting, among others contesting in the category. Actor Daniel Day-Lewis concludes his acting career with  Phantom Thread, which it’s elegance may claim the title.

Again, Day-Lewis represents  Phantom Thread as he is nominated for “Actor in a Leading Role.” The only other nominee that he should beware is actor Gary Oldman, for his incredible performance as Winston Churchill in  Darkest Hour. Though Oldman has reportedly retired, the aspect that Day-Lewis is resigning may curve his nomination in his favor.

The Shape of Water rears its intricate head, as nomination two of a total thirteen is announced. Actor Richard Jenkins is in the runnings for “Actor in a Supporting Role,” and is seen against his biggest threats, Christopher Plummer, who had replaced Kevin Spacey, in All The Money In The World. Because of the short-notice of recasting, this may aid Plummer in his nomination.

There isn’t really anyone actress outstanding or impressionable that could be awarded “Actress in a Supporting Role.” This shortcoming lets down the category altogether and is presumably simply overlooked.

The number of animated feature films is underwhelming and leaves Pixar’s Coco to butt heads with Dreamwork’s The Boss Baby. Blue Sky is represented by Ferdinand, but when it comes down to Latinx themes, Coco is the most promising candidate.

The level of cinematography presented in films this past year was astounding. Dunkirk, The Shape of Water, Blade Runner 2049 and Darkest Hour are prominent in this category and are promising in each’s favor. There really is no saying which film will win, as each holds their own advantages and disadvantages.

Disney is represented once more as Beauty and the Beast is nominated for “Costume Design.” Again, there’s a lack of a clear winner in this subset, as  Darkest HourThe Shape of Water, and Phantom Thread act as the greatest forces of loss.

Sir Christopher Nolan is a gale force among those for “Directing.” Guillermo del Toro also is a strong presence in the competition, as his film is repetitively is seen in multiples of categories. Greta Gerwig could easily sway the results with Lady Bird, nonetheless.

High stakes lye behind “Film Editing” as Baby DriverI, TonyaThe Shape of Water, and Dunkirk all clamber for the award.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi could fall short for “Original Score” for Dunkirk, Phantom Thread and The Shape of Water pose as major threats, and the three of them should be in hot pursuit of the Oscar. Hans Zimmer is esteemed for his composure and is again hoping to see a win.

The Greatest Showman has its sights set on the “Original Song” award for ‘This Is Me,” but could be snubbed as Coco‘s “Remember” stands out in this category.

The Oscars are nearly two months away, giving time for the nominees to prepare for a successful night, or even embrace the honor of being recognized as one of the best. Be sure to watch the Academy Awards on March 4, 2018, to see if your favorites take home the gold.


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