2018 Phoenix Women’s March

Yesterday I attended the 2nd Annual Women’s March in Phoenix, Arizona. I got there around 9 a.m. so there were plenty of people there already. Everywhere I looked someone was holding an awesome sign displaying a creative call-to-action. Before the march began, my mom, aunt, sister and I walked around to the different booths with signs and buttons. I bought a couple of buttons and borrowed a sign from some very sweet ladies dressed from head to toe in pink. We visited with two different women that were running for Justice of the Peace in Arizona and who both confidently told us that they would be the first black woman to hold that position in our state. In other words, I hope either one wins. Some time later we listened to some amazing speakers that touched on different topics like the mistreatment of Muslim women in America, missing Indigenous women, the injustices that a speaker and her family faced when coming to America, and one of the woman who was running for Justice of the Peace telling white feminists that they need to be more inclusive with their feminism. Hearing each person talk about their own struggles and issues in their community opened our eyes to topics that we may have not known about. Soon after the speeches ended, the March began. Marching with those powerful women surrounding me was an experience I will remember for life. Seeing such a commanding sea of pink flow down the streets of Downtown Phoenix was a scene I want everyone to have the chance to experience one day. The unity and love that radiated from each person really warmed us all on the cold Sunday morning. I met so many supportive women on Sunday that were truly for the bringing justice to us all, no matter the race, sexuality, religion, or class. Being able go was a big deal to me because in my day-to-day life I don’t really encounter a lot of people as progressive and supportive of each other, so it felt really good to be there.



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