SZA’s first time performing in Hawai’i promoting Ctrl on January 15, 2018, which was a sold out concert! I kicked off my new year by meeting and listening to this goddess. I had the opportunity to snatch meet and greet tickets which were worth my money. Although standing in line for four hours made my feet sore, the pain went away once she appeared on stage. SZA’s voice live is the most charming and down to earth voice I have ever heard. Being able to see her this close up had me in a trance that the whole concert literally flashed right before my eyes. After the concert, VIP was able to meet SZA and I was super nervous. I remember standing in line thinking “What am I going to say?” “How should I pose for my picture?” “Do I look ugly?” Many thoughts came up and next thing you know it was my turn. SZA is such a sweetheart, she took the time to actually interact with me. She immediately hugged me, asked me my name and my well being. The SZA called me beautiful, I’m crying up in the club! I was so shaken that I don’t remember how I posed with her. Sadly, meeting SZA lasted for a good 45 seconds and I literally had to leave like they escorted me and everything; I couldn’t look back at her. But, I did get a signed tour date poster and a Ctrl hat! This year I hope SZA drops new music and continues to be inspirational to everyone physically and mentally.


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