5 Free Or Affordable Mental Heath Apps

Sometimes all someone needs in the moments that they are struggling with their mental health is a little guidance and support. Now you can have that bit of extra help with you, available anywhere at the touch of a button. Enjoy these 5 mobile applications that can help make your mental illness a little more manageable.

  1. Calm Harm” is an award-winning app created with the intention of helping people manage their urges to self-harm. This mobile app contains many options, making it more easily personalized. Six activity types are offered; comfort, distract, express yourself, release, random, and breath. General advice and hot line numbers are also available. This app can be locked and secured with a personal password. 
  2. Mood Path” was created to become a mental health companion to anyone. Within this app, you can track your feelings and your state of mind. After using the app consistently for fourteen days, it claims to offer a “full analysis.” This analysis is offered with the intention of educating people about the detection and treatment of depression, along with an explanation of what depression really is. You are able to manage your data, with the option of sending it to your practitioner, or simply using it as a “personal mood journal.” Information about the science behind “Mood Path” is offered on their website.
  3. Personal Zen” is a scientifically-validated app created to help people “reduce stress and anxiety.” This app is to be used for ten minutes at a time and for several days of the week. “Personal Zen” offers calming sounds and music, along with making setting your goals and reaching them into something that you can see.  The visual experience helps people to get an idea of where they must go and how far or close they are to reaching their goals. This app is intended to be used for whenever you need a sort of mental vacation. This isn’t something that must be used daily, but can be if needed.
  4. Pacifica” is an app that, according to their website, “integrates several widely-used and empirically-supported treatments for anxiety, depression, and stress more broadly. Its tools incorporate principles and practices from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness.” With this app, you can track your mood, set goals, complete relaxation activities, meditate, and make connections with peer support groups. “Pacifica” truly has a lot to offer those with anxiety, and with many other mental illnesses.
  5. Happify” is a science-based app that was created to help people “overcome stress and negative thought; build resilience.” “Happify” can be used for when you are feeling sad, happy, or anywhere in-between! It consists of “effective tools and programs to help you take control of your feelings and thoughts.” This app has a goal of helping people to develop an overall better emotional state and well-being.


It’s always okay to ask for help. We can’t do everything on our own. Test out these apps for yourself to find what is the best option for you. These apps have you in mind, feel free to explore them and more apps meant to help your mental health. Take some time for your mental health. Take some time for you.


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