One Day

one day he will make you feel beautiful

you will wake up each morning thinking

that the sun only shined for you

one day he will visit you

he will take you out and give you

the most amazing time of your life

it will feel like time is endless

one day he will tell you that you are his world

and that you are the perfect creation

God spent so much time on you

one day he will wake up

and no longer feel that way

one day he will tell you

that it isn’t working out

one day he will make you believe

that you weren’t good enough

one day you will wake up

thinking of where you went wrong

(but you didn’t)

one day you will wonder

why it was so easy for him to change his mind

one day you will cry yourself to sleep

and then you’ll get better

one day you’ll wake up believing

that you are the most powerful woman

that you are independent

And loving

and kind

you are perfect, flaws and all

one day you’ll believe that you’re beautiful

and no one will have to tell you


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