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Congress: Take the Steering Wheel on Foreign Policy

When Jan. 20 hits, President Donald Trump will have officially been in office for one year. And although his actions have caused great damage to the country, most of his conduct can be reversed.

For instance, the GOP tax bill he signed into law, which will cause 13 million to lose healthcare and add nearly $1 trillion to the national debt by 2027, can be turned by a future Congress and president. What cannot as easily be reversed, however, is the manner in which he’s caused foreign countries to view us. According to Pew Research Center, just four months into Trump’s presidency, America’s favorability ratings dropped 15 percent globally — falling below 50 percent. Leaders worldwide, such as those in France, Germany, Australia, Mexico, and Argentina, have expressed dismay regarding the path Trump chose for the country. Actions like the implementation of the “Muslim ban,” announcement of America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and talks of nuclear war in a cavalier fashion have all slowly but surely affected the way the world views America.

Others’ opinions may seem insignificant. But, in order for the U.S. to remain a leader in global influence, it must have global support. If our allies continue to view our country unfavorably, it will hinder America in every aspect. America will not be able to set the global agenda on any topic. Our allies will not have our back — making it harder for us to bring them on board when sanctioning ruthless governments. Sadly, foreign countries will not rely on us as often and turn to other powerful countries like Russia and China. The U.S. will not be able to quickly repair this situation when a new President is elected. Restoring America’s positive image will take years of strong relationships with our allies.  

This dreadful truth is disheartening. If Trump continues to represent us the way he does, international administrations will cease to view our values as their goals. And that’s just sad because foreign countries should be able to view the U.S. as a model. Unfortunately, the Trump tornado has diminished the ever-standing American epitome. It has and continues to, ruin our nation’s reputation by attacking our dearest principles. It has assaulted the free press and closed our doors to refugees fleeing massacres.

So, you might ask: what can be done at the moment to stop this occurrence? Well, the solution is this: members of Congress need to step up. They need to be at the center of the global spotlight. Senators and Representatives such as Kamala Harris, Susan Collins, Nancy Pelosi and Ted Lieu, who advocate for the morals of this country, have the power to make our allies feel more at ease, which can slow down the pace in which Trump causes damage.

Members of Congress need to speak about global affairs more often and propose solutions to international problems. They cannot leave it all for the commander-in-chief to handle — for we have seen, and continue to witness, the mass destruction he has caused to our foreign relations.

Additionally, Congress must pass legislation that fixes our immigration system, deals with climate change, and concerns our foreign policy in general. They need to place their hands on the steering wheel. If Trump has done this amount of damage in less than one year, imagine where America will stand globally in 2021, at the end of his perturbing term.



Written by Noam Haykeen

Noam Haykeen is an immigrant from Israel and currently lives in Los Angeles. Follow him on twitter: @nhaykeen.

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