My Top 10 Albums Of 2017

2017 was a year of ups and downs, to say the least. From tragedy and loss to redemption and triumph, one thing that remained a constant high was music. 2017 was a year that contained tons of stellar releases and here I decided to narrow it down to my top 10. Enjoy.

10. Luv Is Rage 2 – Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert’s highly anticipated sequel to Luv Is Rage surely did not disappoint. It was filled with bangers, (“XO TOUR Llif3”, “Neon Guts”), and even an emotional tune (“The Way Life Goes”) which happens to be my favorite. The album also features diverse collaborations from The Weeknd, Pharrell, and even indie duo Oh Wonder, Luv Is Rage 2 will surely not disappoint.

9. Rainbow – Kesha

Rainbow is the triumphant comeback album from pop singer-songwriter Kesha where she explores feelings of loneliness, trauma, and resurrection in her most vulnerable state ever. Rainbow is definitely a turn from the Kesha we used to know in previous albums, but I think that’s a good thing. The Kesha we see in Rainbow is powerful, poetic, and strong. Her new music shows her at her most mature stage, and you can tell lyrically just how much she went through, but that didn’t break her in the slightest. I recommend checking out “Woman”, “Learn To Let Go”, “Finding You”, and “Hymn”.

8. Tell Me You Love Me – Demi Lovato

I, personally, have never listened to a Demi Lovato album in full until the release of Tell Me You Love Me, and I was pleasantly surprised. Her sound is very R&B influenced, which I happened to love. The album contained a multitude of sultry R&B-esque tracks, (“Ruin The Friendship”, “Lonely”, and “Crybaby) as well as emotional and vulnerable songs (“You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore”, and “Daddy Issues”. This album explores a new side of Demi, and I am absolutely loving it. Her vocals are impeccable, and I would definitely love to hear more from this side of her.

7. Freudian – Daniel Caesar

Up and coming R&B crooner Daniel Caesar did not disappoint in the slightest with his debut studio album Freudian. With comparisons to Frank Ocean, Freudian is emotional, raw, and absolutely breathtaking. Standout tracks include “We Find Love”, “Get You”, and “Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song). Definitely expect to see big things from him in the future.


The self-titled debut album from alternative band LANY was definitely one that surprised me. I had heard about LANY from a multitude of people on Twitter but didn’t really look that much into them at first because I wasn’t really into that type of music. But boy, was I wrong. LANY does indie rock in such a modern, on-trend way that any listener of any genre is sure to become succumbed to their chill, cool sound. My personal favorite LANY tracks are “The Breakup”, “Super Far”, and “Pancakes”. Even if you’re not into traditional “bands”, per say, give LANY a chance. You may end up pleasantly surprised.

5. Flower Boy – Tyler, The Creator

I was highly obsessed with Flower Boy for months upon it’s released, because its so good. Flower Boy explores a new, more sensitive side of Tyler, The Creator and its absolutely breathtaking. Tracks such as “Who Dat Boy” and “911/Mr. Lonely” are more uptempo and hype, whereas tracks like “See You Again” and “Glitter” are about being in love and explore a much softer side. I feel like Flower Boy is the perfect album to listen to during any season, the songs just have that adaptable sound and it’s just plain fantastic.

4. American Teen – Khalid

American Teen by Khalid was the first album released in 2017 that I truly fell in love with. Each song brings something unique yet cohesive to the ever so youthful record. Listening to this album will make you truly appreciate your youth in the best way possible. While still being a generally upbeat and fun record with tons of songs sure to uplift your mood (“Young Dumb & Broke”. “8TEEN”, “Let’s Go”), it still contains some deep cuts, which are some of the best songs on the album (“Shot Down”, “Angels”, “Therapy”). Due to the overwhelming success of this record, Khalid has snagged multiple Grammy nominations as well as an MTV Video Music Award for “Best New Artist”.

3. Lust For Life – Lana Del Rey

Lust For Life by alternative queen Lana Del Rey is an exuberant, dark, magnificent journey of an album. The second I finished listening to the entirety of this album I was hooked. Her vocals are haunting in songs such as “13 Beaches” and “White Mustang”, and her attitude fierce in songs such as “In My Feelings” and “Cherry”. The record is incredibly cohesive and even features collaborations from diverse artists such as The Weeknd, Stevie Knicks, A$AP Rocky, and Sean Ono Lennon. Lana still remains true to her signature sound even with all of these somewhat unlikely collaborations, and that’s a true testament to her artistry.


CTRL by R&B singer/songwriter SZA was definitely the most unexpected all around hit of 2017. Each song on CTRL is exquisitely crafted and lets you in to see a part of SZA’s soul. She ventures into uncharted territory and reveals some very personal, raw aspects of herself, in the end, it all paid off. Listening to CTRL will make you feel things you never knew you could possibly feel. Personally, the record truly moved me. It has become a staple in my music collection and is an album that will never get old to me. The sound is rich, the lyrics incredibly captivating, and her attitude strong. If you haven’t listened to CTRL in its entirety yet I’m not sure what you’re doing honestly.

1. Melodrama – Lorde

Lorde’s Melodrama continues to reign supreme as it’s my #1 album of 2017. I have truly run out of words to describe what this album means to me. Lorde’s harrowing depiction and storytelling of heartbreak are absolutely unmatched. Each song on this album lends a piece of itself to the overall story, yet each song manages to be a completely separate entity on its own. Songs that hold an especially special place in my heart include “Hard Feelings/Loveless”, “The Louvre” and “Liability”. Lorde’s lyricism and uniqueness took this record to absolutely unknown heights of greatness and I am forever indebted to her for creating such an outstanding body of work that will always stick with me.


Written by Mia Vance

Mia Vance is a 17 year old aspiring journalist from Las Vegas, NV. Besides writing, she enjoys spending time with her dogs, listening to Frank Ocean, and watching How to Get Away With Murder. You can find her on Twitter: @melodramamia and on Instagram: @slytherinmia

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