The Silence Breakers #MeToo

TIME recently released their official Person of the Year, and for me it was a pleasant shock.


I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be Donald Trump after his last Twitter fiasco, but I was excited to see who they chose as the spokesperson for 2017, since this has been one of the most chaotic and crazy years that I and many others have ever experienced.


The Silence Breakers have officially been named the Person of the Year for TIME. There was a lot of uproar after the Harvey Weinstein allegations and Hugh Hefner passing became public, and like domino effect, many more victims came forward after the first silence breakers. The #MeToo movement was born.


I think this is a great choice by TIME. They were all inclusive, not just focusing on women, but also on men who have been accused of being too big and too strong to ever have something like this happen to themselves, like Terry Crews. After he came out with his own side of his story, he brought light to the fact that Black men have continually been reduced to objects and mistreated due to years of institutionalized racism.

Terry Crews has been a real pioneer for the whole movement. He’s also been very vocal about how abusers protect other abusers and how coming forward has given meaning to his life.


TIME hasn’t just given their title to Hollywood stars and celebs, but has given a nod to the people who can’t come forward. They have a cropped, faceless woman on their photos to symbolize people who can’t speak out because of special circumstances. This makes the title all the more personal.


Talking and acknowledging subjects like these are very important to have these days, and I hope we continue forward in the future. This is only the beginning.


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