christmas in chicago

I’ve never actually been downtown when all the beautiful Christmas decorations are up and festivities are occurring. Today, I decided to visit the Christkindlmarket for the first time. For those who don’t live in Illinois, Christkindlmarket is a Christmas market that is held annually in Chicago. The festival itself was way more individuals than I was expecting. There was a lot of vendors with foods and memorabilia. It was truly a unique shopping experience filled with typical German food and drinks that I would recommend to anyone but beware because it’s a popular destination for tourists wandering around our city so it will be packed. It was a fun event to attend and I am looking forward to going again to try more foods and beverages! After (attempting) to see all the booths of the market, we walked around to see the rest of the decorations. Chicago is amazing during the holiday season and everyone should see all it has to offer.


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