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What Is Happening In Our World Today?

We need to start talking about Libya.

A Moment Please

I’m in college room writing this in my college room, eschewing all the work I have due in hours to write this.

We need to talk about Libya.

The fact that this issue has gotten almost no media coverage is pathetic.

I actually didn’t know anything about it until I picked my phone up to scroll through Twitter for a bit

I hadn’t heard anything on the radio, from lecturers, or on the television

But Twitter was the first to tell me

That apparently, slavery is back

The most upsetting thing about this?

It’s not Europeans.

It’s not Americans

It’s not Asians

It’s Africans, selling their own just because they feel superior

What is superior about having lighter skin?

What makes you more superior than anyone else?

We all bleed. We all feel

And we all have family that want to see us again.

So why the fuck is this happening?

I honestly don’t understand. I can’t understand.

But all I know is that we need a moment

We need to be talking about Libya.



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November 16