OPTYCNERD:All Caps For a Reason

Because of a torrential rainfall from the heavens, my best friend and I took cover underneath a massive tree at a music festival over this past summer in August. Blink 182 was headlining that night, but there were many hours in the lead up and I, having been caught with my medicine at security, had taken far too large of a dose by accident and let’s just say was not in the sanest of minds.

Ok, I was a little stoned.

We stuck around at the locals only stage to see the last band perform, ditching Sir Sly because let’s be honest, they had one good song a few years ago and that’s about it. (We later got a picture with Landon Jacobs and he has a joint in his hand while I look completely faded. It’s a true gem.) To be entirely honest, we not only stayed out of pity, but also out of awkwardness because at this point we had made eye contact with the two members of the band who were about to go up on stage. And it was too late to leave. Plus, that’s a really awful thing to leave. I was floating in space, remember.

Promptly before stepping onto the stage, however, Zeus got pissed at perhaps another one of his sexual partners, we all know those stories, and sent down a thunderstorm that lasted about an hour. As stated before, we took cover under a tree which is number 2 rule of “how to get struck by lightning 101”, right next to rule number 1 which must be licking a metal pole. A gentleman emerged out of the tent next to us and we recognized him to be a part of the two-man band who was going to go up on stage.

He introduced himself as Chris Kimmel and stood in the rain with us, getting completely soaked, just to talk about his band, OPTYCNERD. If standing in the rain with two random teenage girls, later to give them free merch isn’t passion for your band, then I don’t know what is. His demeanor was respectfully distant yet approachable and kind and although the security guard wouldn’t let us take cover underneath the band tent, the offer was still suggested a countless number of times.

Although our introduction to the other member of the duo, Chris Scott, was limited to an awkward wave, we nonetheless were pretty stoked about the whole encounter. We not only felt bad for them, but now we wanted to hear what this crazy Chris guy was rambling in the rain about for 20 minutes.

So, I went home and did my research.

OPTYCNERD’s music is a mix of everything you’ve heard before with a take on something you’ve never touched before. If you like a grungy twist on twenty one pilots, or perhaps maybe a preppy take on modern hip hop, OPTYCNERD holds some new tunes for you. It’s beats are head-bob worthy without being repetitive and annoying. The lyrics are thoughtful and seductive at times, but never sleazy.

I repeat, the lyrics are not sleazy! Or disrespectful! I know. It truly is shocking to find rap music where women aren’t depicted as toys, yet not as delicate flowers with “handle with care” stickers on the sides, either.

Their EP, Lush, produced in 2015 carries their hit song “Marathons” on it amongst others with a more chill vibe to the whole EP. However, the rest of the singles that surround the EP have a louder, more rough sound to them. Both have a unique and distinct sound to them that show the versatility of the duo as a whole.

My personal favorites are “N.S.L.”and their newest hit, “AM:PM”.

OPTYCNERD is on their way to becoming the next big thing, so follow them on social media and shuffle a few of their songs on Spotify to get a taste of some bubbly hip hop tunes of the future.


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