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a boy with coffee brown eyes

i have been having trouble writing these days.

i guess it is because my thoughts have been consumed by a boy with coffee brown eyes that i get lost in. it is cheesy i know, but his arms feel like home. i can never get enough of him and his presence. and as i write this in my bed, sleep starting to take over my heavy eyes, he is the last thing i am thinking of before sleep overwhelms me. he is the first thing i think of when the sunlight shines trough my curtains in the mornings.

and although my bed is cold because he is not besides me, i will sleep knowing that tomorrow is another day that i can be with him.

a boy with coffee brown eyes that i get lost in.


Written by Joyce Yuen

joyce is a sixteen year old girl who loves writing poetry and taking pictures of things/people she adores. she also loves harry styles and coffee.

twitter: @joyce__yuen
insta: @joyceyuuen

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