Moira’s Here, But Heroes Never Die: Here’s Who Overwatch Will Release

Recluse, otherwise known as Spider Tank, was included in concept art ever since the game was released in 2016, but never formally met. BlizzCon 2017 has shown more images of her as creator Jeff Kaplan had presented panels at the California convention. During the DICE talk, an image can be seen of the character here.


Overwatch spider-tank
Recluse, center, is featured here in an overview of hero concept art at BlizzCon 2017.


Junkertown has been seen in shorts associated with Junkrat or Roadhog, but the universe expands as the animated cinematic snippet gives way to hinting at the character that reigns over the town itself- the Junkertown Queen. Cliche, yes, but no official name has been pinned to the anticipated character yet.


Concept art for the Junkertown Queen, and stands as the only information released by Blizzard.

Alejandra is seen in Jack Morrison’s “Hero” short, which have fans to believe that she’s more than just a side-character in Soldier: 76’s main plot. Some associate Alejandra with Sombra, but the voice actress didn’t deny nor confirm the identity of a possible Blackwatch associate.


Alejandra Overwatch
Alejandra, above, is already developed and animated. It’s unsure to say whether she’ll have a deeper role within Overwatch.

Other, less detailed possibilities for future heroes include:

  • Sound Quake – a villain that has been mentioned in the first game trailer that could be plotting against Overwatch.
  • Sven – Mentioned in Torbjorn’s comic, Sven has the ability to become another villain in the future.
  • ‘Greek’ – Unnamed, ‘Greek’ has gained popularity as a potential voice actor had released leaks to the hinted character.
  • Hakim – Seen in Ana Amari’s comic, Gabriel Reyes has mentioned that Hakim has power in Talon and could pose as another fiend.
  • Brigitte – Featured in Reinhardt’s comics and animated short, it was revealed that she is not only his armourist but his daughter. Brigitte has seen development and has earned the favor of fans.
  • Liao – A founder of Overwatch, Liao is touched on in past shorts and comics, but the character has never been heard of or seen since the beginning of 2017. Questions rise and gamers raise brows about Liao’s role.




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