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Advantages of Being Multilingual

Living in the hyper-connected, fast-paced world that we live in, being able to speak more than one language, has become a necessity. As our world becomes more and more connected through technological advances, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that learning a foreign language is beneficial for a large number of reasons

  • First of all, being multilingual makes a person more open to other cultures. Since a language is a doorway to a particular culture, learning a new language enables a person to have a broader understanding of that race. Opening up to a culture allows you to be more appreciative of other ways of looking at things. In today’s interconnectedness, this is a valuable tool.
  • Learning a foreign language can also expand your career options. A multilingual ability represents a competitive edge over others. It is an ability that tells of a person’s flexibility, openness and decision-making skills. Even in small, local companies, chances are that the ability to speak a second language will set you apart from other applicants.
  • You can better understand and appreciate cultural references and nuances. It’s a fact that most works of art are represented more accurately in their native language, and often, even titles and lyrics get misinterpreted. Living in an increasingly globalized world, by immersing yourself in another language, you have the ability to see past many cultural subtleties.
  • Learning different languages can also improve cognitive power. When you speak different languages and use different accents and styles, your brain is stimulated. Grammar rules exercise your brain and improve your memory and retention capacity a great deal. So, believe it or not, being multilingual has amazing health benefits. It’s been even proven that Alzheimer can either be delayed or completely warded off!

Overall, learning a foreign language can be one of the biggest door-openers in one’s life. In addition to all of the above, once you have learned a foreign language, learning another one is going to seem a lot easier. The benefits a second and perhaps even third language, are, in my opinion, not to be overlooked.

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Written by Sorana Bucseaneanu

Sorana is a high school junior who hopes she can use her voice to move the world towards a better place. In her free time, she loves to read and listen to Broadway music.

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