d e t a c h m e n t

Break away from what breaks you

I tell to myself

I repeat it over

and over

and over


Maybe one day,

if I tell it to myself enough times,

I’ll believe it.

But what if you

repeat it

too much?

Yes, you’ve broken away from everything

but now you feel


On mornings when you normally greet the shining sun, it is masked by a fog of regrets and heartbreak

Each night as you lay in bed,

there is an urge

a desperation

to cry

to let it all out

But you can’t

You feel numb

You do not feel cold

or warm

You do not feel anything

But isn’t this what you wanted?

To no longer feel pain?

Maybe you feel nothing

because pain is all you felt.

d e t  a c h m e n t


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