For The Love Of George Is A Cute-But-Cliche Romantic Comedy

Everyone has an interest in George Clooney, but no one can be more in love with him more than Poppy (Nadia Jordan.) Thus the title, our protagonist is madly in love with the Hollywood star as she comes to the understanding that her husband Stephen (Henry Hereford)  is cheating on her. Devastated, Poppy leaves her husband behind to reside with her openly gay friend Justin (Rex Lee) in Los Angeles. The plot isn’t something that the Rom-Com genre hasn’t seen before. the troupe is almost tired and some scenes are forced from the actors.

The film progresses, as we meet Justin even more as he attempts to help Poppy cope with her obsession and process the situation. Justin and his own subplot are brought in, as he admits to disloyalty in his own relationship. His character, even with a storyline of its own, isn’t the most necessary additive.  Plenty of stereotypes are present as Russain maid Irina (Petra Bryant) is met. Thick accent and brash personality are her main features, and she’s quick to turn off an audience though she adds a comedic flair. Poppy is referred to a celebrity therapist (Roseanna Arquette) but first disposes her Clooney-based anxieties to her secretary Stacy (Ruth Connell.)

The sessions are proved ineffective as they turn into an internal monologue about the easily predictable Clooney. All of the energy placed on the fascination is displaced of her job as a columnist for an English magazine. Poppy finds the help of her Texas friend Ashely (Adrienne Whitney Papp) and Justin to find a new love.  Papp adds the typical “American” flare to the trio, and the dynamics are forced. Though two men are met, neither of them work out for her. They gang makes an attempt to raise awareness for Clooney’s organization, The EnoughProject, which is a non-for profit charity that calls attention to suffering global regions. George incorporates hipster culture into a cute storyline that might be overdone with typical cliches but is built for a date night. Off-brand names of expensive wines and scarves worn on California beaches add more of a modern touch to the film that uses a typical plot.

There are some bursts of humor, though it’s mainly rooted in the plot of recovery and moving on. Clooney, though remaining an eligible bachelor, is married by the end of the film as Poppy nearly meets her dream man. It’s odd, to see two lone paparazzo chase after the highly-sought actor. The concept of George is entertaining, but the execution by an independent distributor isn’t enough to get the film off the ground. For the Love of George will hit theaters on February 13, 2018, although it has the feel of a Lifetime or Hallmark made-for-TV movie. It’s quaint but isn’t all quite there.


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