Nadia Jordan Faces Hollywood Odds With Her Latest Film “For The Love Of George”

Inspired by George Clooney’s good looks, charm, charisma, and humanitarianism,  Nadia Jordan has had the opportunity to watch her film screen at festivals from Los Angeles to Chicago. “For The Love Of George” is the first film that Jordan has written and produced, as well as starred in. “I’m in every scene,” Jordan said as she attended the 2017 Chicago Comedy Film Festival.

Jordan said that she relates to her character, Poppy, as she too had left London and had moved to Los Angeles. Though her motives aren’t the same as Poppy’s as she escapes a cheating husband, she said that she feels like she and Poppy are similar. They’re both fascinated with Clooney, who serves as their motivating force.

“”George Clooney is [still] the perfect man. He was single, he was eligible,” Jordan said, “No one saw [his] engagement coming.” Jordan had her story altered once Clooney publically announced that he was taken “off the market” after being a bachelor for twenty-two years.

There’s a scene where Poppy goes to visit a psychic while in L.A.,” Jordan said, “[And] I went to a psychic [as well.] It turned out that the psychic read for three of Clooney’s ex-girlfriends! This was so funny,” she said.
George only had a span of three weeks while filming in Los Angeles, but had been created over a span of four years. Originally, Jordan was only going to act as the lead actress surrounded by her prominently female crew. Once her film had started filming, Jordan had become the director and was producing her first film.

“There’s this whole thing about women in Hollywood. There are only 8% of female writers and 3% of director-producers, ” Jordan said. She prides and roots herself in a strong, feminist belief and had said that there was a lot of feminism while filming.

The director that was initially hired to work on George was reported on and off the set during the shooting period, which led to her to begin her career as a director. “Directing is really my passion, I think,” she said.

Jordan still is comprehending that she has released a film that she had such a large impact on. For her, it’s beyond acting. As she watches her piece as a whole and takes the time to admire her work, she said that it’s a prideful, surreal moment for her.

Jordan said that each time she watches her movie close out, it’s positively overwhelming. “When I see the final scene with a drone going up, and a certain music track playing, I see this film and I go ‘ah! that’s my film!'”

It was made clear that in the future, Jordan won’t be taking up multiple tasks while working on a movie. She said even though she enjoyed everything that she had put into Georgeshe plans on refraining from taking up multiple positions in a film. She also claims that she wants to veer from the comedy genre and work on more dramatic pieces.

For The Love Of George will be in theaters this upcoming February. Watch The Trailer Here!


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