Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette And Lip Gloss Review

As you probably already know, Rihanna released her long-awaited makeup collection Fenty Beauty in September, and with that came a glorious limited edition holiday collection. It’s called “the Galaxy Collection” and contains a 14 shade glitter eyeshadow palette, a 2-way eyeshadow brush, 3 “Eclipse” 2-in-1 metallic to glitter eyeliners, 4 “Starlit Hyper-Glitz” lipsticks, and 3 “Cosmic Gloss” lip glitters. I managed to get my hands on the gorgeous eyeshadow palette, as well as a Cosmic gloss in the shade “Spacesuit” and today I will be reviewing them.

Let’s start off with the lip gloss. I, myself, am somewhat of a lipstick fanatic. I own tons of glosses and am always down to try new formulas/colors, especially unique ones. My eye was immediately drawn to all of the Cosmic Gloss shades, but mostly “Spacesuit”. “Spacesuit”, according to the Fenty Beauty website, is described as a “glittering peach”. I was nervous to see how wearable this shade would be in my everyday life, and I was pleased with the outcome. It’s the perfect mix of natural and bold and can definitely take a look to the next level when the colors are paired right. The pink reflects definitely take this gloss to a whole other level and give it the perfect amount of color. It’s truly a gorgeous shade, and not to mention the formula is outstanding. It smells of vanilla and is in no way sticky. Unlike many other glosses I’ve tried, Fenty Beauty’s Cosmic Gloss is surprisingly long wearing. I mean, obviously you’ll have to reapply this if you plan on wearing it a full day (which is what happens when you wear any gloss), but not nearly as much as other formulas. If you’re not sure what color you want to try I definitely recommend “Spacesuit” as it is the most “safe” option of the shades offered! The Cosmic Glosses are priced at $19 USD and are available with the rest of the Galaxy collection at Sephora, Harvey Nichols, and the Fenty Beauty website.

Next, we have the star of the collection, the Galaxy eyeshadow palette. Upon seeing the pictures, I was super eager to get my hands on this palette in particular. In photos, the palette looks absolutely gorgeous, but quite frankly, pictures don’t do it justice. This palette is 10x more stunning in person. The glitters are incredible, and no shades are in any way similar to each other. They each bring their own flare and are perfect for creating any type of look, whether bold or toned down. The palette, however, does not come with any matte/transition shades, which may be a problem for some who don’t own many eyeshadows. I highly recommend using this palette along with another one that contains mattes so your eyeshadow look can be well rounded and complete. You rarely ever see eyeshadow palettes that are completely made up of shimmers/glitters, which was a very bold move to make for the brand’s first eyeshadow palette and I honestly think it was worth the risk. The formula of this palette is a bit dryer than other shimmers, but they are very pigmented and there are no duds in the palette. Some shades you may want to apply over a sticky base just to attain maximum pigment, but without it, I think it would be fine just a bit more toned down. The one downside to this palette is the price, which stands at a steep $59 USD, but if you are a glitter fan, Rihanna fan, or just a makeup fan in general, I definitely think you should pick this palette up. You will not be disappointed.

You can check out Fenty Beauty by Rihanna here, here, and here.


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