I have so many questions.

Who do you think you are?
Who do you think I am?
For you to plant sunflowers in me, only to rip them at their roots from the garden in my heart.

What crazy thoughts were going through your head?
What made you think that you could destroy me without destroying yourself?
The one place you sought refuge in was hit by your own tornado of issues. This one is on you.

When did you want to leave?
When did you decide you didn’t want me anymore?
There will be nights when you can’t sleep, and you’ll think of me. You’ll remember that you were the one who wanted us. You were the one who initiated everything. You wanted this.

Where will you go from here?
Where will you find peace now?
I hope she breaks your heart. I hope she lets you confide in her, only to disappoint you. Because she cannot handle your issues. Because she cannot be with someone so broken. So she will leave you, the way you left me.

. . .

I take that back

Why did you do this?
Why did you run away from the comfort and love you craved? You knew that I was everything you needed, so I don’t blame you. It was too good to be true, and you thought you were too damaged. You knew you would ruin it. Well, you were right.

How will I move on from this?
How will you?
As much as I want to hate you and take advantage of the anger in my heart, I am too loving of a person to just leave anyone on their own. See, that’s the thing about us. We’re so full of issues that we fall for anyone who gives us a place of comfort. We have been torn apart so many times that we move mountains for people, so they won’t have to feel the pain that we have been through.

Remember that I will always be a friend to you.

Nothing more.


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