Why People Need To Stop Supporting XXXTentacion

In October of 2016, Jahseh Onfroy, who goes by the stage name XXXTentacion was arrested for four felonies; aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment and witness tampering.His then girlfriend has reported that she was physically abused by him. In her testimony she said that she, “tried to run away down the street. He tackled her, causing her head to hit the pavement. She suffered black eyes, a lump on the back of her head, scratch marks, and bruises, including a large bruise on her ankle where he stomped her.His ex-girlfriend has reported many cases of abuse against the rapper such him choking her, threatening to kill her, trapping her in their apartment, and multiple accounts of beatings. Yet, with all those allegations against the rapper; people are still supporting him. His song, “Look At Me” was released four months after his arrest, and has brought him fame and success in the music industry.

Noah Cyrus, recently released a song with XXXtentacion called, “Again.” She didn’t promote the song a lot because of the incredible backlash she’s receiving for even making the song with a woman abuser. Although the backlash is a step in the right direction for not supporting XXXTentacion, yesterday he signed a deal with Capitol Music Group that is allegedly worth six million dollars. A woman abuser is going to be make six million dollars, and have tons of fans who support him. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time a musician has gotten away with domestic violence; a classic case is Chris Brown. In 2009, Rihanna, 20 at the time, was physically abused by Chris Brown. Despite being charged and there being physical proof of the domestic abuse, Brown continuously performed and stayed just as popular as he was before being arrested.

It seems as if there are no consequences for male rappers who abuse women, as long as their songs are “catchy.” With recent events such as the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse cases, why are people supporting rappers who preach violence, rape, and domestic violence?  The more we support these abusers, we make it more normal for men to inflict violence on women. Idolizing rapists and abusers cause for the normalization of the acts of violence, and make it extremely hard for victims to speak out. Stop supporting XXXTentacion. Stop Supporting Chris Brown. Stop Supporting Kodak Black (a sexual predator and rapist). These men need to see consequences for their actions because their victims will never forget what they had endured.



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