You Were Scared

I pity those
who let their pride and ego
get in the way of something beautiful
I could have given you the world,
but you were too concerned
at what people thought.
You knew my reputation
would break yours,
so you told everyone about us
before I could
so they could see you
as the person
who tried to play me,
but instead
you played yourself,
because let’s be real:
You know that deep down
it was something more than
a pity date,
an accidental agreement,
a kind gesture.
Deep down inside,
you felt something
for me, for us.
But you were scared,
and the thing is,
no matter how hard you try,
to convince yourself and everyone
that the bond we had
wasn’t real,
each and every night
you’ll remember that it was you
who initiated everything
who flirted with me
who played with my hair
And on days when you feel loneliest,
you’ll remember me in all the places and spaces
you’ll see me in each person you walk by
you’ll see me when you daydream in your classes.
Because I know what it’s like.
I’ve been there before.
We’re two equally broken people
who tried to find refuge in each other,
hoping that we could grow and mold each other
for the better
But you walked away
when things got too heavy, too serious,
you felt the ice in your heart
melting away due to the warmth I offered
because you were scared.
it’s okay.
I was scared, too.
And I forgive you.
You were scared.


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