Trump’s 73rd Golf Visit Sparks More Hypocrisy

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, has gone golfing for the 73rd time since becoming the president. For other presidents, the public didn’t make a big deal of a president going on vacation since the job is so stressful, but because of Trump’s hypocrisy; we, the public, are keeping count of how many times the president goes golfing. According to Judicial Watch back in May, President Obama had only spent $100 million dollars on vacationing in his eight years, while within the first 80 days of his presidency, Trump had spent $20 million on golf trips.

Why do we care if the president is spending so much money on his trips? For one, we care because the money we pay in taxes goes towards keeping the president safe; it’s not supposed to be just for his overall pleasure, but for meetings to other countries. Also, President Trump has continuously shamed Barack Obama for going on vacation, yet he’s doing the same thing but more frequently.

In 2013, Donald Trump had gone on a twitter rampage about Obama’s vacations and spending:

To be fair, President Obama played a lot of golf as well. He played a total of 333 times in his eight years as president according to a tweet back in December 2016 from Mark Knoller, a CBS News White House Correspondent.

Hypocrisy seems to run through the current President of the United States, so by keeping a close watch on what he does; the public can see what type of person he truly is. Will he outnumber President Obama in golf matches in less time? Will he be taking more pricy vacations with federal money? A vacation is definitely needed for presidents, but 73 in the first 10 months seems excessive.


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