ABC’s “The Mayor” Is a Breath of Fresh Air in a Cynical World

As “Veep“ is quickly approaching its series finale, marking a great loss for television, a new sitcom on ABC called “The Mayor” emerges. So even though David Mendel and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ satirical attacks on our corrupt leaders will be greatly missed, during these times, when the political climate can only be described as tumultuous, to say the least, and anger is running high, “The Mayor” is just what we’ve been looking for.

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ABC’s “The Mayor”, starring Lea Michele, Brandon Michael Hall, Yvette Nicole Brown and executive produced by Hamilton’s Tony-winner Daveed Diggs, is a comedy built around Courtney, an aspiring rapper, who runs for city mayor in an attempt to promote his CDs and get the attention he yearns for. He’s proud of his music and hopes to use the campaign attention to increase his record sales and get better gigs. His entrepreneurial effort is misguided and Valentina (Lea Michele), who’s managing the campaign running against him, reminds Courtney that he won’t win, however, that doesn’t phase him. Even his opponent is incredibly dismissive of him, so during a debate, he accidentally stumbles upon the one issue Courtney was actually informed on. He performs a little too well and to everyone’s astonishment, he wins the race and becomes mayor.

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At first, Courtney is a wannabe celebrity, fame-seeker running for office. The connections to an electoral disaster are clear, but “The Mayor” is focused on the positives. Yes, he’s inexperienced and unprepared, but he gets to work. He doesn’t lash out and exploit fear to rally support.

In times when the TV landscape is filled with cynical/angry political humor, “The Mayor” is here to remind people what politicians are for, while entertaining viewers with clever jokes and amazing stories. We really need a show right now that shows people that there’s still hope and good in the world, and it’s OK to believe in it.

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Written by Sorana Bucseaneanu

Sorana is a high school junior who hopes she can use her voice to move the world towards a better place. In her free time, she loves to read and listen to Broadway music.

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