a life lesson: change

Here is a little life lesson, based off of my own experiences.

About a year ago, specifically this time last fall, my family and I were looking for a new place to move. The rush and thrill about moving kept me optimistic, I was so excited. However, moving meant I would also be switching schools.

I tried to keep that thought at the back of my mind, as I cherished every moment with my friends at my past school. I knew I would be switching schools, but decided not to tell my teacher’s or friends until it got closer to the actual moving day.

Days passed, and each day got closer to me realizing that I would be leaving my closest friends, even friends I recently started creating bonds to. However, I am a believer in everything happens for a reason, sometimes for the best.

So maybe switching schools wouldn’t be too bad, and maybe switching schools was meant to be.

My peers at my old school all wrote me goodbye letters and made me realize how much of an impact I have made in their lives. My friends took me out to a last lunch together,  my teacher threw me a goodbye party, and it was in that moment that I realized I never noticed how much I was cared for until I had to say goodbye.

It was hard.

Change is hard.

I am not a social person, I am shy. Really shy. It takes a while for me to get close to someone and really show them who I am and who I can be.

I knew that switching schools would be as they say, “a fresh start.” It’s true, I did not know anyone at my new school. Therefore, I had a clean slate. You know how people say they want to go back in time and erase some actions? Well, at my new school, no one knew who I was or what my past was, I really did have a fresh start. I really was the new girl.

So fast forward a couple of weeks, Fall turns into Winter, two weeks before starting at a new school turns into two days. I remember freaking out, overthinking. I remember telling my mom and asking my sister, “what if everyone hates me? what if I get bullied? what if I don’t make any friends?”

They knew that it would be an easy transition for me, I did not.

It was not an easy transition, either.

It was not until two months after switching schools that I started getting used to the new environment and new people.

However, the two months before, I would constantly nag my mom to switch me back to my old school. I hated it at a new environment, like I said, change is hard. I was so upset, I lost motivation to do the things I love, including writing.

And now, ten months after being at a new school, I am happy.

Like, truly happy.

I have made amazing new friendships, formed new bonds, met amazing people, and have surrounded myself with positivity.

I still keep in touch with my friends at my old school, and I have also lost some friendships along the way. However, I am thankful for everything that has led me up to where I am now, because it has shaped me to be the person I am currently.

I realized I am more confident, even less shy.

I surrounded myself with people who care about me and people that make me happy. Once I see any speck of negativity or drama, I leave.

I do not want to “bash” my old school, or the people there, yet I just want to say I realized, in comparison, my old school is so stuck up compared to my new one. The people care too much about what other’s think of them.

*Just think, will your “clique” still matter 5 years from today? 

At my new school I can be myself and not be afraid of being judged or being in the wrong “crowd.”

I guess what I am trying to prove, what my life lesson is, is:

Yes, change is hard. Change is scary, intimidating. No one likes it.

Yet, change is a new chapter in your life, change impacts your life and makes you who you are.

Life is all about how you interpret all the obstacles that are thrown in your way.

I could still be upset with switching schools, but I stepped out of my comfort zone just a bit, and met people who would help me step out of it fully, people who would soon be my best friends.

People I can see in my life 5 years from now.

Remember that everything in your life happens for a reason.

I can confidently say that moving and switching schools has made me a happier, more outgoing person. I want to thank everyone that has left my life and everyone that has come into it, you all shaped me to who I am today.




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