Film Feelings

Film photography has always been around, however many individuals tend to prefer digital photos. Film takes a lot of time and effort to develop the photos and you cannot see the photo until it has been developed. The photographer will either get an incredible photo or an image with a finger on the lens. As technology advances, new apps are formed to help aid a photographer. An app I recently discovered, and fell in love with, is called Gudak. The app itself costs 99 cents but it is worth every penny. The app mimics an old film camera: it has the ability to have the date the photo was taken, adds grain, and adds cool vintage looking filters as well. The only downside to the app is the extremely long waiting time to finally see your photos. It takes 72 hours for the roll of photos (24 images) to develop. Other than that, this app will allow you to completely revamp your Instagram feed for the better!


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