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My First Comic-Con Experience!

My first thought upon entering the con: I have never seen so many Funko Pops condensed into one place.

My second thought: THIS IS AWESOME!

Up until last Saturday, I, the nerdiest, most movie-loving person you can imagine, had never attended a comic-con. Awful, right!? It sounded like my version of Heaven, so on Saturday 30th September I ventured out with some comic-con veteran friends and experienced my first ever taste at Bridlington Spa comic con. And let me tell you now, I AM HOOKED!

Upon arriving, a bit dishevelled early on a weekend morning, we were greeted by a crowd of badass-looking Star Wars cosplayers from Sentinel Squad UK. Sentinel Squad are a charity that raises money by cosplaying. And if that’s not an incredible idea, I don’t know what is!

Check out their facebook page @thesentinelsquaduk
The cutest lil Jawa raising money for a children’s charity.P1060782

After a quick meet-and-greet outside, me and my friends headed into the main convention. It was hosted in the Royal Hall at Bridlington Spa, a huge concert venue that was packed with stalls and merchandise from all over the country. Whatever you’re a fan of, from Star Wars to Game of Thrones to Little Shop of Horrors (or, ahem, all three like me) you’d have found someone to talk to and some merchandise to take home. I suppose that’s the best thing about comic-con: meeting so many new people who love the same things as you (even if its an obscure 80’s musical about a blood-drinking plant.)

Awesome TShirts from Demize York and the pretty stunning ceiling of the Royal Hall.
Pins, Pins, and more Pins! From Demizeyork’s stall (my favourite at the con.) Check them out on facebook @demizeyork or at

As well as stalls to browse, there were events and workshops happening all day- from Marvel drawing skills with a Marvel artist, to live readings, to panels with many celebrity guests including the 7th Doctor Who. During my morning I met Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forell from Game of Thrones) who was raising money for the truly life-changing mental  health charity Mind. Mind runs mental health helplines and seeks to improve mental health services- a brilliant cause. Miltos also ran a sword skills workshop and took part in a ‘Swords & Sabers’ talk panel.

Meeting Miltos Yerolemou

As well as stars, merchandise and panels, what is one more thing you can expect to see at comic-cons? COSPLAYERS! I was blown away by the sheer dedication some of these people have to their craft! I couldn’t capture all of them but here are some of my favourite outfits from the day.

liescosplays on instagram as Loki (my favourite cosplay of the day)
My friend as Castiel
Emille Clarkson as Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul (won the award for most awkward to manoeuvre)
Ollie as Poison Party
mirkwoodelfcosplay and protectorofmiddleearth on instagram- AKA my life goals
An actual live parrot! Inca Stinka N Zeus on facebook.

After checking out the cosplays, purchasing many pins from many stalls and meeting celebrity guests, me and my friends headed up to the theatre balcony to sit, relax and soak up the atmosphere.On our way we explored the whole venue and found separate rooms for retro gaming, on-site cafes and panels and workshops. From here we got a perfect view of the packed, cosplay filled hall below. We even saw a tiny Spiderman meeting a tall Spiderman. Precious.

If anyone can identify the yellow-headed character in the bottom middle I’m genuinely intrigued.

Overall I had an adventure-packed day living out my nerdiest dreams with some old and new friends. The whole day was a new level of unbelievable, from running into Galadriel on the beach, to watching Leia and Stormtroopers on Bridlington land train, to giving Darth Vader a hug -he has a more Yorkshire accent than anticipated… Expect to see me at many more conventions soon! (But first, who should I cosplay?!)

The venue overlooking the sea

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