The Little Star

There was a little star…

Just one little star…

One little star in the unfathomable multitude of stars in the universe. And surely if that one little star ceased to exist, the universe would be the same.

Worthless star, pointless star, too many others like it. Aren’t the galaxies the one’s that matter anyways?

Wait, if the little star ceased to exist, who would guide her planets? Her brothers and sisters of the same nebula could never follow the same orbit without her.

By one nano second would the stars’ dance around the galaxy change. By one light second would the course of the galaxies change. To her, it means nothing, but billions of light years away, on the other side of the universe, exists a supercluster of galaxies. And they never would have known each other if the little star had ceased to exist.

Little things really do mean a lot. She means something to space and time. She means the world to the quarks, and the quarks mean the world to the universe, and the universe, in all her majesty, would cease to withhold the very same wonders and mysteries without the little star.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re worthless and unwanted. You’re perfect the way you are, because if you were different or you weren’t on this earth, you wouldn’t be you, and the world wouldn’t be the world that it is. The world needs you. Never forget that.


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