Chance The Rapper Introduces #FirstWorldProblems

Recently on September 25, 2017, Chance the Rapper made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert . This was an untitled song performed along with R&B singer-songwriter Daniel Caesar. Chance beautifully performed this live and delivered his aspect of life, family, religion and current social issues.

The opening lines “I get sad when I look at the stars/ They so pretty, you can’t tell’em apart/ You think they close but really we far/ And really, they ain’t even that much closer to God.”  This explains how Chance wonders about God’s whereabouts and how far is he out there. Appreciating the beauty of all astrology and what great extents it holds. Whereas leads to a direct reference from the bible based on Adam and Eve’s struggle with temptation. “It’s much harder to sin naked/ I walked past apple trees and didn’t take it.” Sin is being introduced; taking advantage of the innocence. Chance describes the struggles of his growing fame while maintaining a relationship with the lord.

Chance then expresses how his career runs into his personal life of being a father. “I’m a rich excuse for a father/ You can’t tour a toddler/ She turnin’ 2, she don’t need diapers, she just need her papa.” The amount of money he makes can’t replace the amount of love he gives to his daughter. “I really need a break, could really use a nap/ My daughter barely recognize me when I lose the hat.” His concern is that his daughter cant recognize him out of his usual Chance the Rapper image it being his “3”  hat.

“First world problems that n—– makeup/ Have a dream and then never wake up/ When so much turns to too much/ Have a dream and then never wake up.”  The pre-chorus hits us with how dreams could turn into first-world problems. Dreams are possibilities we hope for but it may turn quickly into nightmares. First-world problems that Chance presents are the ones being portrayed in the media constantly. Looking back at the civil rights movement and the famous speech “I Have A Dream” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; the rights of black men and women are being violated and mistreated till this day. It’s portrayed as if the ideal “American Dream” isn’t realistic, more like an actual dream.

“Now these the first world problems that n—– makeup/ Keep on playin’, we gon’ shake this shit up/ Keep on tellin’ us we makin’ it up/ The American Dream, may you never wake up.” This being the second pre-chorus where it moves onto society’s point of view. The Black community is often accused of making up their everyday struggles living in America. These problems are continuously being presented in the media and are part of a true reality. Til this day many dream for equality to become what it is known as.

With Daniel Caesar’s quiet guitar strumming along with the chorus keeps the mood serious and mellow. Chance is spreading the message how everyday everyone is facing harsh realities going on in America. This includes racism, homophobia, and misogyny. Don’t look past these issues, there is more to it and a call for sorrow. Chance the Rapper poured out his emotions to reach out to everyone listening. In hopes of making the world a better place through communication and gestures. The title of the song was officially announced as First World Problems.



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