Repeat After Me

Repeat after me:
You miss the feeling of being in love
Giving your everything to someone unconditionally
Because they meant that much to you
You patiently wait for his attention,
a text,
a call,
But while you’re up late at night
worrying about him,
not once, do you cross his mind.

Repeat after me:
You deserve so much more
than staying up each night,
thinking about someone
who won’t even flinch
if he heard your name.
Your life is too damn precious to believe that you will be nothing more than
a second option,
a last resort.

So please, repeat after me:
I know you love him,
but you have to love yourself more
You need to know your worth
You need to know that you are more than the galaxies
You have the power to create beautiful embers that burn in the sky
You are mysterious.
You are the waves that dance with the moon to keep the earth moving
Your earth moves for you and only you
You are the storm that can destroy everything with just
one hit,
one blow,
one tear
You are the calm that everyone loves to visit every day.
You are the ocean.

One last time, repeat after me
You are beautiful, you are strong, you are loved.


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