Time For Haim!

IMG_5414.JPGEncouraging the crowd to “let it out” while reassuring that every attendee knew that they were “fucking beautiful,” Haim delivered—and then some.

The California-based trio showcased the duality of their sound at their sold-out show at Chicago’s Riviera theater, playing songs from both their debut and sophomore albums. Haim’s live sound differs greatly from their studio sound; the group deviated from their traditionally more pop-influenced rock, as heard on both albums Something to Tell You and Days are Gone, and embraced the edgier twangs one might expect at a rock show.

Both albums, comprised of plenty of catchy hooks and rhythms, with no shortage of vocal interplay, were transformed into impeccable live masterpieces—the work of true musicians and multi-instrumentalists. Their intricate, impassioned guitar solos seamlessly meshed with their experimental, syncopated percussion and call-and-response phrases for which the group is easily adored.

For fans, the show wasn’t merely a performance. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. The sisters value their rapidly expanding fan base, and take time during their set to prove it. Este, eldest sister known for her witty banter between songs, cracks jokes and pokes fun at her sisters throughout the show, and even arranged a choreographed dance break towards the end of the set. Without hesitation, youngest sibling, Alana or “Baby Haim,” showered the crowd in empowering affirmations. All three profusely praised Chicago for its hospitality and warmth.

Where some artists fall short in giving genuine performances, Haim compensates, performing with an equally immaculate groove their albums suggest, without sounding exactly like them.

Needless to say, Haim is hardly derivative and bring new energy and charisma to the era of live shows, a real treat for young and old concertgoers alike. The sisters hold fast to the principles of true rock: being able to share the spotlight—and having the time of their life while doing it.


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