The Visitor

She used to be so



Until she started to feel

Absolutely nothing


Happiness and pain

Could have felt the same


She would not know

She could not feel anything


Emptiness swept her up from bed in the morning

Emptiness carried her back to bed at night


Emptiness became a permanent visitor


She could feel it lurking in her classes

She could feel it lurking in her conversations

And it finally lurked into her bed


It had finally taken her one escape




Now nightmares enclosed her

And continued to threaten her well-being

How dare she think

That there was an escape


She feared the night

Because of the sleep that would come

Because she feared what would follow

Sweeping her up from bed in the morning

Another day of pure



Soon emptiness became her only friend


Her friend made her day’s meaningless


She laughed because she knew she needed to

She smiled because she knew she needed to


But most importantly

She pretended like she was okay

Because she knew she needed to


Because everyone says why would emptiness visit a teenager

What could she be worried about at her age


She would be okay

That is what everyone else would tell her anyway


She grasped desperately for help

But her arms got weary


No one was reaching back for her


You see

Depression is like a never-ending battle


A battle you never asked for

A battle that started

Without any warning

Without any trigger

Without any idea of where to find help

Without any idea of how to help yourself


This battle has happened

And she lived through it


Emptiness was a visitor she never asked for

She prayed that she would get a new visitor soon


And soon


She was finally reunited with herself


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