Summers End- The Ancient Pagan Festival of Mabon

Everyone loves the start of autumn. Hot chocolate, Halloween candy, sweater weather, beautiful leaves and finally waving goodbye to the bugs that have been buzzing around you for months! As well as this, for many people around the world, the start of autumn is one of the most important times of the year.

The 22nd of September marks the autumn equinox: when day and night are exactly the same length. This only happens twice in a year. The days surrounding the autumn equinox are celebrated by pagans and wiccans worldwide as the festival of Mabon.

For pagans, Mabon is a time to appreciate the beauty of autumnal nature, celebrate the astrological event of the equinox and all its spiritual meaning, be thankful for the harvest and any deities connected to it, and get together with family and friends before winter would have traditionally made travelling difficult. It is a time for feasting and welcoming in the new season.

Activities done during Mabon vary from person to person, as paganism has no rulebook and each practitioner celebrates differently. This year, I attempted to bake bread, a common practice for any pagan holiday, however I ended up with a soggy pancake- turns out, yeast has a use by date! We also had family around and we celebrated with a large amount of food (minus my pancake bread).

These photos focus on nature just turning from summer to autumn, as well as pictures of my Mabon altar. Hopefully this shoot will help dispel some negative stereotypes about pagans (no, we don’t think Satan exists) and share this ancient celebration with all of you guys.

If you have questions about paganism or want to find out more about the other pagan holidays, don’t hesitate to contact me on my Instagram @pagans_unite . I will be releasing a new article every holiday! Until then merry Mabon and have a lovely autumn.



Apple picking
Leaves of our acer tree


My Mabon altar, featuring my favourite dragon candle holder.
Conkers ready to fall and be collected by me



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