Red Rock City

The landscape shifts and color fills our view. Vast red rocks carved by wise hands hold the untold stories of the past. They fill the city, cocky from being admired for centuries. Observing guest roam the streets with curious cameras and relaxed appeal. The sun rests overhead, glad to have people to shine upon. Shops display figurines to represent Sedona, proud of their home and willing to show it. The day fades quickly along with the food that has been eaten, the scenery that has been gazed upon and the items that have been bought to treasure forever. As the moonlight steadily repeals the daylight, the sun leaves behind a trail of beautiful colors for the sky to hold, just for now. It’s time to return home. As we fade away from the perfect postcard, images of warm mountains and cuddling stores are still fresh within our senses. They fill us with pleasure for the rest of the weekend, ready to vanish Monday morning.



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