Gianni, We Love You: A Versace Collection Review

It has been twenty years since Gianni Versace was murdered.This year, Donatella wanted to make the Spring/Summer 2018 show about honoring him and his dedication to women. With all the buzz surrounding FX’s American Crime Story covering his brutal death next year, Versace felt it important to honor the person and designer Gianni was. This has to be the best show of fashion month so far.

I am always admiring the different world that was the high fashion industry in the 90’s, so when I saw the pieces and patterns pulled from the 90’s, I was already in love. The collection was colorful and tastefully put together, but it also had the innovative feel that was always evident in Gianni’s designs. The models walked to a recording of Donatella’s voice praising Gianni. “This is a celebration of my brother. Imagine a world without his risk-taking, his innovative genius and above all, his allegiance to women.”

I absolutely adored the strong shoulders, the yellow, and Kaia Gerber wearing a bodysuit covered in her mother’s Vogue covers was completely brilliant. Some of the patterns would have been tacky if anyone else had put them down the runway, but Donatella truly did them well. It is really hard for a designer to honor women through their creations. Just look at the disaster that is Dolce & Gabbana. Cameron Dallas was on the front row of that show…Why are they even trying anymore? Despite the difficulty, Donatella did just that. Plus, I’d be lying if I said that I would hesitate to be buried in those thigh-high Marilyn boots.

The one hesitation I had while watching the show was the models. I’m really not a big fan of designers putting Kendall and Bella down the runway in an attempt to make up for their lousy clothes. I think that modern day “supermodels” are over-credited as it is, so putting them in the top designer’s shows is a bit much in my eyes. They are the most coveted collections, so why do they need the name Hadid or Jenner in the program? Their clothes should be enough. That is a trend I have noticed in many of the shows this season. Take Alexander Wang for example. His line was a mess, but every famous model in the book was in that show. You can’t tell me he was proud of that collection when it looked like someone took a glitter gun to the sale section at Banana Republic. Anyways, I was disappointed in this aspect of the Versace show, but it made sense after the closing. When Carla, Cindy, Claudia, Helena, and Naomi walked out at the end, it was obvious this show was going to forever known as iconic. The inclusion of the modern models was a way to connect this show to Gianni’s because he always had it girls like Naomi and Kate. You would always find Kate and Naomi in his 90’s collections, so it makes sense.

Overall, this collection will go down in fashion history. The clothes were amazing and Donatella honored Gianni in a beautiful way that acknowledged his dedication to women. For once, Gianni Versace’s legacy was honored with discussing his murder. Someone of the most iconic models of this generation and the last paid homage to a fashion legend in a truly iconic way. Donatella, you killed it.


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