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Comedian And Actor T.J. Miller Targets Trans Film Critic In Hateful Email


Most recognizable from his role as ‘Weasel’ in Deadpool, comedic actor T.J. Miller had sent a hostile email to a Midwest-based film critic whose identity is being withheld until further notice for her protection. The email had denounced her identity as a trans person even though she identifies as female.

Miller had hinted at an unstable state after the release of The Emoji Movie, and his Twitter had been full of posts based on his emotions, one mentioning a breakdown in an airport.

The critic said that she was once close friends with Miller, though she had taken the initiative to disconnect herself from him after receiving the foul-natured, hateful message.

Miller had proceeded to address the other as a “man” and intentionally used the incorrect name. He also used slurs and defended his allyship unjustly by using his sexual experiences with other members of the trans community. He continues to say that “the pursuit of transgender identity is nothing more than of an opportunity to distinguish yourself as someone that is special…”

The message is deliberately transphobic and slanders the LGBTQUIA+ throughout its entirety. It argues the validity of adequation to an unprovoking individual.

Miller is currently on his international comedy tour, and references support from himself and other comedians in the past.

The email attached above is censored for the sake of privacy on either end as these are not professional emails but personal ones.

Miller can be found on social media at the handle: @nottjmiller



  • Esward Murrow
    December 19, 2017

    I 1000% percent support the victims right to speak out, but you should probably investigate the character of this person. She is known as the trans gofundme movie critic in the critic circles in Chicago as she is always trying to scam people for gofundmes to go on vacation and is close to being charged for foodstamp fraud. If this is legit, TJ is garbage but the accuser has been bragging on Facebook about how many people have contacted her about this. Do better and check your sources

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